Governor Alex Otti Moves to Develop Abia State

Governor Alex Otti is the first Governor to win Abia State Governorship election from an opposition party. Before his emergence, Abia State has been under the leadership of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) since 1999 until the electorates supported Alex Otti who was the flag bearer of Labour Party (LP) during the 2023 Governorship election in Abia State.

Otti seems to be the darling of the people as he has continued to attract infrastructural development projects for quick economic advancement of Abia State. Those in opposition parties are not equally in support of some of his governance decisions but he remained resolute in delivering his campaign promises as seen so far in media space. His supporters are holding him accountable which portrays on the manner they draw his attention on critical issues at all time especially with the use of tweet carried out by X social media.

His administration is focused on building and repairing roads, cleaning up Abia State, solving energy issues and bringing economic prosperity in the God’s own State. Recall that his first move after his swearing in as the Governor of Abia State was to launch clean up programs in Aba and environs which he was in the fore front of the clean up operation.

Many people credits his good performance in office so far to his independent from godfather factor in governance while many credit his good performance to his natural job delivery skill dated back to his banking career. Some others still believe that he is not doing enough especially those in other political parties in the State.

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In a recent news, Abia State has borrowed money from an Islamic bank and other borrowings so far since the commencement of his administration. Those following his infrastructural development projects discuses the good and bad sides of some of his borrowings. In multiple interviews, he has made it clear that borrowing funds is not a bad thing but the use of the funds matters. It has not been proven yet that he is using the borrowed funds to pursue luxury life for himself and the family. Otti is frequently seen flagging off one project to another in Abia.

The power company ”Geometrics” founded by Prof Bath Nnaji from Nkanu in Enugu State has commenced full time operation and promised to give uninterrupted power supply to Aba and other places. The company did not start under Alex Otti government as his predecessors starting from Senator Orji Uzo Kalu have all played critical roles to the company vision to solve power issues but a coincident is pointed as the company officially started full delivery capacity under Alex Otti as the Governor of Abia State.

Some critics said that Otti is working hard to tip the people to elect him again in 2027 which means that they agree that Abia State is fast becoming a developed State. If Governor Alex will fail in his campaign promises remain a discussion in 2027 when he will show his report card detailing achievements during his first four years in office.

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Alex Otti and other State Governors are lucky in the way all court cases challenging their election victory ended before their one year in office thereby enabling them to focus on delivering the dividends of democracy without battling legal issues posing as a threat to their seats. In the past, some governors recorded a long legal battle for two to three years but Supreme Court and other lower courts after 2023 election made a laudable achievement in the manner all court cases ended faster in favour of those that were able to prove their cases.

Otti is not facing any legal battle from opposition parties in the state and he has all the focus to do what he told Abia people that he will do for them.

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