Lagos State Government Launches Electronic Geographic Information System For Land

The Executive Governor of Lagos State His Excellency Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Friday 26th January 2024 announced that Lagos State Government has reached the final stage of launching an electronic Geographic Information System to digitize land acquisition in the state. He said the portal is now live and people can apply for land documentation including a Certificate of occupancy at their comfort home.

The governor in his statement said the new development will lead to a reduction of the cost people spend on land documentation and also the elimination of middlemen.

He said that everyone can search for land title which to him will bring authenticity in property purchase as the land title will be verifiable.

The new development portrays that application for certain land documents in Lagos State has transitioned from manual to digital form.

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In a tweet from the verified X account page of the Governor, he said :

“I am pleased to announce that Lagos State has attained the most advanced stage in land documentation and acquisition by launching an electronic Geographic Information System (e-GIS) which provides digitised access to all data pertaining to the lands in the state before a purchase is facilitated.

The e-GIS portal is a one-stop digital platform that sanitises and revolutionises the process of acquiring, documenting, and verifying land in Lagos. With the portal now live, applications for land titles have transitioned from the centuries-old manual paperwork into digital form, eliminating the need for middlemen and the associated costs applicants previously faced.

Now, anyone can verify, search, and apply for land titles, including Governor’s Consent, from the comfort of their homes at the click of a computer button. This innovative system has organized all archived land records dating back to the 19th century and merged them with all land titles, storing historical transactional data on every parcel of land in the State’s cadastra.

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The commitment to creating an enabling environment for Lagosians and investors underscores our dedication to improving service delivery to our citizens. This automated process has transitioned land transactions in the metropolis from manual paper form into a digital format, interpreting them into our Land Registry’s workflow”.

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