How Graham Keen Lost All His Money Five Days Before His Company Plan to Go Public

A LinkedIn user identified as Graham Keen has narrated how he lost all his money five days before the day his company was expected to go public.

In the post, he shared he captioned it

” 1994 was the year I lost all my money”

Graham said he had spent three years building his companies which collapsed five days before the Initial Public offering. The collapse of the company caused him to go into serious debt after losing all his money and the companies he had committed three full years to building.

Someone like Graham Keen gathered the moral to share his story to inspire someone out there to learn from his experience and how he overcame the sad moment that took him financially backward.

Graham revealed that a lawyer who posed as a sponsor of the flotation fraudulently committed corporate identity fraud expressly con £1M from investors. The Stock Exchange where his company was to be listed cancelled the Initial Public Offering ( IPO).

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Speaking further, Graham said the incident placed him into six-figure debt with no assets except his brain and moral support from his wife & family.

Aside from the money he lost, his reputation and self-worth were all on the line as he was shattered or depressed for six months.

He used the opportunity of sharing the post to thank those who helped him to start again through arranging to get his self-esteem back and light up resilience and self-belief.

Graham said he worked as an accountant in the home office to provide the basic needs of his family which he expressed as ” to put food on the table” He was able to reach an agreement with his creditors and slowly repaid his debt.

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Graham keen left an inspiring legacy as a man that emerged stronger without allowing the challenges he encountered to defeat him.

He said that in 1997, he joined three partners to start a motivational training company that still exist till date even though he exited there in 2000 for a new journey.

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