Enugu State Government Attracts ₦26 Billion Investment to Grow the State Transport Sector

In a press briefing after the State Executive Council meeting/first day of three days

retreat organized for Senior Government officials, the Honourable Commissioner Ministry of Transport Dr. Obi Ozor disclosed that Enugu State economy is expected to grow by an additional 26 billion Naira through investments by foreign and local investors who have applauded the reforms going at the Ministry of Transport which without doubt aroused investors interest to commit resources in the transport sector of the state.

The State Governor His Excellency Barr Peter Ndubuisi during his campaign before the Governorship election and after he was sworn in as the Executive Governor of Enugu State has always maintained a position that his administration will grow the economy of Enugu State through attracting investors. The new development disclosed by the Commissioner of Transport, Dr. Obi Ozor, shortly after the State Executive Council meeting/ retreat held at the Nike Lake Resort Abakpa – Nike, Enugu is a welcome development as the twenty-six billion naira investment in the transport sector of the State will bring lots of economic growth as transport sector is one of the key sectors that other sectors rely on for the movement of people, goods and services.

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The Honourable Commissioner of Transport while addressing the media went further to make it public, that the twenty-six billion naira investment already attracted in the State will also lead to the sporadic development of the State transport sector and also lead to the concession and revival of the Enugu State Transport Company (ENTRACO) Ltd targeting creating over 10,000 jobs for people in Enugu State.

Speaking further, the commissioner also stated that the state is also aware of the need to seek alternative energy for transportation and it will lead to creating diverse opportunities in the economy through the innovations in intra-state and inter-state CNG-powered buses. The investments will attract assembly plants for buses and other vehicles which would enable an efficient and affordable transportation system in the State.

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According to the Commissioner, “This monumental transaction by Governor Peter Mbah will not only bring efficient transportation but will also move Enugu closer to its industrialization goal,”

When asked about the economic impacts of the investment on the lives of the people, Dr. Obi Ozor made it clearer that the investments would bring thousands of direct and indirect jobs for the residents, and create skills through the plant assembly.

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