Atiku Abubakar Speaks on Owning Shares in Intels Nigeria Limited

The former vice president of Nigeria and PDP Presidential candidate in the 2023 General Election in Nigeria His Excellency Waziri Atiku Abubakar has cleared the air on the ownership of Intels Nigeria Limited.

Recall that in reported news carried by Silvercloud Media, it was made known that Nigeria Ports Authority Lagos State Complex has given Intels Nigeria Limited a contract project that was removed in the last government led by Muhammad Buhari.

Atiku in a tweet signed by him made it clear that he sold his shares in Intels Nigeria Limited which is now a company under Orlean Investment Group as the parent company.

He made the revelation of starting the process of selling his shares there in January 2021 to refute the claim that he facilitated the NPA contract with Intels Nigeria Limited so he could enjoy the proceeds of the re-issuance of the contract.

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Atiku in his tweet agreed that he co-founded Intels Nigeria Limited but has no shares in the company or in any way will benefit from the reinstatement of the boat piloting monitoring business given back to the company as a contract with Nigeria Ports Authority( NPA)

In his full statement gotten from his verified X account, he said:

“In January 2021, I made public the sale of my shares in Integrated Logistic Services Nigeria Limited (Intels) to Orlean Investment Group, the parent company of Intels.

The phased sale of those shares that commenced in 2018 peaked in December 2020. Intels also made public my exit from the oil and gas logistics company, meaning that a different entity now owns those shares I sold.

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My divestment from the company that I co-founded has not been reversed. Consequently, I cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be a beneficiary of the reinstatement of the boat pilotage monitoring business that was taken away from Intels by the Federal Government.

Therefore, the insinuation that I am a beneficiary of the decision to rescind the cancellation of the contract between Intels and the Federal Government is untrue and should be seen for what it is: mischief. -AA”

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